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Dairy industry equipment

Ltd. "TD" RosMolSnab" for many years engaged in the manufacture and supply of equipment for the food industry. During this time, the company has established itself as a reliable supplier dairy equipment and a wide range of components for the dairy industry. Among our products: separators milk, homogenizers, pasteurizers, pumps, valves, all kinds of containers, refrigeration equipment, as well as equipment for filling and subsequent product packaging and other equipment of Russian and foreign production. We also supply steam generators PAKVERK.

In addition to the production and delivery of individual units Ltd. "TD" RosMolSnab" carries out the ready-to-work shops and mini-mills.We do our work exactly according to the customer's requirements, ranging from equipment for acceptance of milk and ending with the technical equipment of the process of packing finished goods. All equipment will be installed in a single process flow diagram, so you get a ready-made production.

Ltd. "TD" RosMolSnab" is the official dealer "PAKVERK" - one of the largest manufacturers of electronic steam generators, superheaters and other thermal equipment. Steam generators "PAKVERK" supplied by "RosMolSnab" in the Siberian region and neighboring countries. Presented on the site steam generators "PAKVERK" of fine quality, conformity certificates.

Except cream separators company "RosMolSnab" offers the following types of separators for industry:

  • meat processing industry
  • starch industry
  • fishing Industry
  • medical and Cosmetic Industry

We supply not only dairy industry equipment. For example, homogenizers necessary for the production of condensed milk, mustard and juice with pulp. Pasteurizers used for heating and cooling of mayonnaise, ketchup and creams. Separators very effectively cleanse products at a relatively low cost.

All delivered Ltd. "TD" RosMolSnab" pasteurizers, separators and the homogenisation of milk with proven quality and convenience and ease of use. Our products are certified and meet all necessary standards.

The company "RosMolSnab" offers a wide range of the following products:

  • shut-off valves Distribution (valves, tees, elbows, couplings, sleeves, adapters, etc.).;
  • rubber products;
  • units and components for the food industry (not only Russian-made, but also imported);
  • spare parts for pasteurization and heat exchange equipment (plates and seals).

We sell our products both from a warehouse in Barnaul, and specifically for the customer's order.

Company «RosMolSnab» treated with the utmost care and attention to all its customers. Especially for you we have developed flexible system of discounts, to each customer - a personal approach. In order to make you buy our products, are considered any form of payment. Company «RosMolSnab» regularly informs all its business partners about new developments in the food industry. At customer's high-class specialists carry out supervision of equipment and all necessary commissioning.

Ltd. "TD" RosMolSnab" works with large plants and delivers turnkey plant. We invite you to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.


Separators refer to the dairy equipment. They operate on the principle differences in the physical properties of the mixture components in the unit. The most widely known centrifugal separators, magnetic and slop.

The principle of operation of separators is the centrifuges. Production is poured into a special cup, which is unwound at high speed. Thus rotating fluid stream and particles having large specific gravity outward towards the periphery. Separators milk, as well as other, supplied by "RosMolSnab" dairy equipment that is not difficult to operate and maintain. They are characterized by good cleaning products at relatively low cost.


One of the most commonly used devices are the dairy industry homogenizers. They are used in manufacturing to produce homogeneous emulsions. The principle of operation of homogenizers is very simple: the liquid at high speed passes through the capillary openings or special narrow slits. The result is disintegration of fat particles  to 0.1-1.0 microns and its uniform distribution.

Using homogenizers from the company «RosMolSnab», you will be able to produce consistently high quality products with extended shelf life. We also can design a variety of production lines for your production, combining our homogenizers with other equipment.

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